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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Xizang (Tibet) Was not A Part of China Before 1950s? Shut up!

Western media oftern say that Xizang was not a part of China before Chinese Communists liberated the brutal serf society ( How brutal it was? come here. )and kicked out the serf owner Dalai Lama.

Here are some maps that were printed by other countries before Chinese Communists took the power in China. China was weak then and could not force US, Germany, and India to print out those maps, right?

Keep this in mind: Xizang was China's Xizang, is China's Xizang and will be China's Xizang forever!

This map was printed in India. It shows the Sino-India border between 1700-1792 as stated on the map. Xizang was a part of Chinese Empire. This map is from The Historical Atlas by William R. Shepherd, 1923. You can find it here.

This is a map printed by Germany in 1891. It reflects China's territory before 1891. Germans, open your eyes, and then tell me: wasn't Xizang not in China back then? The same map can be found here. It was published by Gotha:Julius Perthes in 1891.

This is a map published before 1900. That's definitely not a map printed by China. Was Xizang in China? It was from Americanized Encyclopaedia Britannica, Vol.1, Chicago 1892. You can find it here.

A map published in US in 1900. Xizang isn't a part of China?
Thanks the reader who provided this map in his comment.

This is a world map printed by US in 1942. That's before Chinese Communists took power in China. Didn't Xizang belong to China?

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Who Lie about Xizang (Tibet) Violence and How!

Xizang terrorists raided Lasha (Lhasa), they killed more than 10 innocent people and destroyed others' properties. But western media called such a terror a "peaceful" protest. Ridiculous, isn't it?

Many western madia simply say: People died in the protest. This implicitly tells their audience or readers that Chinese government killed protests. Do they dare mention who died? who attacked whom? and who killed whom? Amazing, isn't it?

Other than that, they distorted the facts by using pictures from violence in other countries and commented as what happened in China.

The terror event caused a lot life and property lose for China. But China gained alot.

First of all, Chinese are united now. That's the biggest gain we had in this individualism era. China are still China, we are united before any crisis and enemies. You can see Chinese comments anywhere. Most of them are supporting government. Some are even organizing protesting in Canada and maybe some European countries. This is a very impressive progress.

Secondly, western media's real face is exposed to Chinese and other readers. This is very important for China. Most of us now know western media are simply liar about China. There is no such a media freedom at all. They torture the truth and mislead readers. On the contrary, Chinese media are more reliable knowledge resources. Naive Chinese will not dance with the western propaganda machines any more. Recalling 1989 event when I was a college participant in so-called student movement, Chinese students trusted only western lies. But now, things changed. Chinese students have a clear picture of western propaganda machinese and will think independently. China will be more united and advance without disturbing from outside.

I do have complains to our government. It shows too much mercies to the terrorists. Criminals must be punished on the scene no matter who they are, which religion they believe. People's lives are equal, people's properties are precious. Murders must be killed. That's the eternal law that our Chinese have abided for 5000 years.

Now, I can show who lie about Xizang (Tibet) violence and how they did. Enjoy the eye-opening pictures for you. You are welcome to copy this images and paste to anywhere.

You can click the image to get big ones.

Germany N-TV channel: The right side are real Chinese policemen. The left side actually happened in Nepal.

USA Washington Post: It used the Nepal police to show what happened in China.

Germany Bild-Zeitung: It used picture from Nepal again. But it says it happened in China.

Another lie from Germany Bild-Zeitung: It used picture from Nepal again. But it says it happened in China.

Ok, this is about notorious USA CNN, a famous liar with most advanced techonology in this world. Apparently it is more cunning than others. The left side picture was used by CNN. It is a real picture from Lasha, BUT, it was deliberately cut off from a larger one (Shown on the right side). The part CNN used dropped a hint to its readers that a "peaceful protest" was crushed by Chinese police. Actually, the original picture shows that rioters were attacking police. Interesting, isn't it? Those stupid Germany media and Washington Post should learn some from CNN. CNN is the No. 1experienced liar the leading propagator on this planet. CNN stands for "Cheating News Network".

This is the lie from Germany RTL TV channel. It used the picture from Nepal again. But it says that's from China.

Here is the video from Germany Spiegel. The video actually was taken from Nepal again. That's brave nepal police were taking appropriate and necessary action aginst those terrorists. But Spiegel says that's China.

This is the lie from BBC. Where is the heavey military presence? Ambulance is the heavey military or the med? A classical shitting from BBC that is owned by UK government.

This is Berliner Morgenpost, Germany again. That's a Chinese who was rescued by police. But the German liar say that's a protester who was arrested by police. Big ass!

From Gwermany N-TV channel. Use the video from Nepal, but the TV lied to its audiences, said it happened in China.

From Germany N24 TV channel. Same as above.

Oh, yeah, That's Fox news in US. Apparantly that happened in India. Brave Indian police was crushing terrorists. Fox is really a cunning animal.

These are screenshots of Youtube. A self-claimed free-sharing and free media. But many Chinese are complaining the deleting of their uploaded videos that tells the truth in Xizang. Youtube also manipulates counters of the videos posted by Chinese so that these videos would not be listed among the most viewed ones. Here is the screenshot. You can find the number of comments is even greater than than the number of the views. After a while, the number of comments increased by almost 1000, while the number did not change. Funny, right?

There are some other reports from Germany. But I don't have picture so far. Hope some one can provide. Thanks in advance.
1. Germany SAT1 TV channel: The picture showed that Chinese police escorted three Japanese visitors to get out of rioters. The picture came from China's CCTV. But SAT1 explained it as arrested rioters.
2. Germany ARD TV channel. It saied more than 100 protesters were killed, and then mentioned that Chinese government's number was 13 people. They simply don't say those 13 were killed by rioters.

So many lies from Germany. That maybe not strange for this world if you know the history of WWII. Mr. Adolf Hitler and Mr. Paul Joseph Goebbels were leaders elected by Germans. But that's the past glory of Germany liars. Now, it seems German should learn from US in propagating. The student scores much higher than its teacher now. German obviously leads in lie by numbers, but CNN alone beats them all in quality and innovation. Hurry up, Germany!

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Dalai Lama: A friend of Nazi and Shoko Asahara

This is interesting for most of readers. It reveals Dalai's real face.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

More from Lhasa

Harder to get photos today as there is a very heavy police/army presence just outside our hotel.

Before I continue with some updates from today and videos from yesterday, I want to make one thing clear because all of the major news outlets are ignoring a very important fact. Yes, the Chinese government bears a huge amount of blame for this situation. But the protests yesterday were NOT peaceful. The original protests from the past few days may have been, but all of the eyewitnesses in this room agree the protesters yesterday went from attacking Chinese police to attacking innocent people very, very quickly. They appeared to target Muslim and Han Chinese individuals and businesses first but many Tibetans were also caught in the crossfire.

This video is an excellent example:

Rapidshare is a bit tricky to use. What you have to do after clicking the link is scroll to the very bottom and press the Free button on the bottom right. Then you have to wait a certain amount of time (there will be a countdown mid-page) and then a password will appear - enter the password in the box and then you can download the video.

This motorcyclist, who I assume the protesters identified as Han Chinese, was simply riding up Beijing Street when the video took place. He was not army, not police, not doing anything other than riding his motorcycle.

The above message was copied from since I could not create a link.

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Tibet WAS, IS, and ALWAYS WILL BE a part of China

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