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Sunday, March 16, 2008

More from Lhasa

Harder to get photos today as there is a very heavy police/army presence just outside our hotel.

Before I continue with some updates from today and videos from yesterday, I want to make one thing clear because all of the major news outlets are ignoring a very important fact. Yes, the Chinese government bears a huge amount of blame for this situation. But the protests yesterday were NOT peaceful. The original protests from the past few days may have been, but all of the eyewitnesses in this room agree the protesters yesterday went from attacking Chinese police to attacking innocent people very, very quickly. They appeared to target Muslim and Han Chinese individuals and businesses first but many Tibetans were also caught in the crossfire.

This video is an excellent example:

Rapidshare is a bit tricky to use. What you have to do after clicking the link is scroll to the very bottom and press the Free button on the bottom right. Then you have to wait a certain amount of time (there will be a countdown mid-page) and then a password will appear - enter the password in the box and then you can download the video.

This motorcyclist, who I assume the protesters identified as Han Chinese, was simply riding up Beijing Street when the video took place. He was not army, not police, not doing anything other than riding his motorcycle.

The above message was copied from since I could not create a link.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You listed western mistakes in videos etc.
Why Chinese powers closed Tibet, prohibit informations, filter the Internet etc.? If their explanation is truth, what is the reason for their secrecy?
Why Chinese hackers organize virus attacks on opponents? What will be if Western hackers will attack your propagandistic sites?
If the CPC takes care of the Tibetan culture, why it promotes mass migration of the Hans into Tibet? Why Marxists regulate religion?

12:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHo told you all these things? Who told you that Chinese powers closed Tibet, prohibit informations, filter the Internet etc., Chinese hackers organize virus attacks on opponents,
the CPC promotes mass migration of the Hans into Tibet and Marxists regulate religion? The media and your government. So it's true everywhere. They filter information and the sad thing is you do not know they did this and you think you live in a free country. Chinese people are way better than you in this regard.

1:43 AM  

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