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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dalai Lama, A Hero in the Western World

Western media portrayed Dalai Lama is a peaceful person. You need to look at these pictures.

Skin from serfs' kids

Skin from serfs

Skin from a serf

Tibetan Lamaism Drum made by human skin.

Tibetan Lamaism flute made by human bone of legs, called gandong in tibetan laguage.

Tibetan Lamaism instrument for worship ceremony made by human Skull and finger bones.

A dying serf

A serf was fighting dogs for dog food.

Tibet tourture room used owned by Lama and landlord classes. This interesting room was still in operation as late as right before the communist revolution. Now a museum in Tibet.

A kind of serf locker. 4 serfs could be locked together

Serf's hand was chopped off by his owner

Serfs were chained by their owner

This was what Dalai used. Made from human head.

A serf whose eyes were removed for punishment by his owner

Anther serf whose eyes were removed for punishment.

So many serfs whose legs were cut off for punishment by his owner

A horn made from a serf's leg bone. It's serf owner's property.

Skin peeled off from a kid

Legs, arms, eyes from serfs because of the punishment.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Microsoft Website Blocked by Chinese Government

Some people on a forum recommended to check if a web is blocked by Chinese government.

I checked, the official website for the largest software company on this planet, and interestly found that it was blocked.

The more I tested and more interesting things I found.

I then tested and the web portals for Chinese Xinhua News Press and Chinese government (Both have English version. Go to click the English). Both were blocked too.

It is very funny that many non-brain westerners belive in that website (go to check the discussion section of that website).

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