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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

CNN is getting punishment, will Google follow?

CNN used to be a No. 1 news provider in US since many viewers believed it was a neutral and reliable news resources. But this is gone. CNN now is a propganda machines whose reports cannot give its viewers a neutral picture about what is happening in and outside US. The best example is what it reported about the terrorist attack happened in China's Tibet on March 14, 2008. This can be found here.

Along with other western propaganda institutes, CNN's biased reports caused the angry among oversea Chinese who can access the news from both China and western world and are more familiar with China's affairs. Young Chinese students in western countries unprecedentedly walked to streets to protest the anti-China propagandas. Some Chinese even setup a website ( This website now has many readers.

CNN is now like a propaganda machines in old Soviet Union. The decrease of its market share is very predictable.

Google is now following CNN's steps. It has "sucessfully" changed its image from a tech company to a political propaganda machine. That's why it gets few supports from Chinese, even liberal Chinese, when it declared retreat from China market.

The world need neutral news media. Those media, like CNN and Google, will be punished by the market sooner or later.



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