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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tibet WAS, IS, and ALWAYS WILL BE a part of China

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

this video has been blocked from the front pages by youtube. Shame on you, youtube!

6:20 PM  
Blogger filer said...

Uh... here is a clue from Quebec, Canada. There have been two referendum's here, the separatists forces lost them both and very few people have any interest in having another one any time soon. We also have free elections and do not live in a one party state.

I haven't lived down in texas but I doubt if there is much interest in separation down there either.

I can only assume that the rest of this video is bullshit as well. The producers would do well to check their facts and use a spell-checker if they want to be taken seriously by the western public.

11:18 PM  
Blogger filer said...

If the vid was blocked it likely got to the front page because someone was gaming the system and the admins at youtube noticed.

11:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your video simply says: "all of these other coutries have done wrong, so they cannot tell us not to...and F**k Off!" Yes, let us talk about legitimancy!! Why is everything about China so cheap and unpleasant, so unable to be consumed without that bad aftertaste, of sweat and lies and misery?

I am unhappy to see that American media is not only underreporting the crisis the Tibetan people are facing these days in Tibet and in provinces in China, but also that in what little coverage is being afforded, the offensive and misleading headline DALAI LAMA: "I AM POWERLESS" is being offered by itself. Please reconsider and give the Dalai Lama the good hearing he deserves. The man is the Nelson Mandela of Asia, a committed peaceful activist on the side of justice. It is shameful to see the American media tacitly legitimizing the Chinese attempt to wipe out one of the oldest and most beautiful cultures in the world, longtime wise shepherds of the land they inhabited, a land that in the last 50 years of Chinese misrule has suffered so much. Please include in your reporting the historical roots of this crisis, how the Chinese have first invaded, and then proceeded with a systematic and extremely violent suppression of the Tibetan people and culture. To see American media quoting the Chinese line that the Dalai Lama is instigating any form of violence is ludicrous and shameful. The Tibetans are now acting out of sheer desperation, and even so are NOT engaging in acts of violence, the way EVERYONE KNOWS THE CHINESE ARE in their reprisals. This is one of the fundamentally defining issues of our age. Please report the Truth.

6:25 AM  
Blogger Truthseeker said...

The western media is so pro-China it is disgusting. They never report anything bad about China, and people in China are confused about that fact.

Peaceful demonstrations on independence have been meet with military force that has resulted in hundreds of Tibetan deaths.

Tebetan people are not Chinese, and Tibet is an occupied country.

Tibet was an independent nation dating back to 604 AD. China acknowledged this in the Treaty of 821, that established the border between the two countries. In the 1700s, China assisted Tibet with Mongol invaders, and have never left. The Qing Dynasty eventually allow Tibet its independence in 1912 and 1914 (again treaties were signed by the Chinese government acknowledging Tibet as a seperate country), but the Communist Party invaded Tibet in 1950. China claims this was a peaceful liberation. How do you liberate a country when it was controlled by its own people? Peaceful is the Chinese military over the next 30 years killing 1.2 million Tibetan people.

1:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To those who hates China, go ahead do whatever you wanna do, we Chinese don't care what you think. We surely do need your depreciating US dollars. Shame on you!!!

12:01 PM  
Blogger Blogger said...

Well there couple of things off in your video.
A. According to wikipedia, Dalai Lama wished to end slavery in Tibet, but guess who invaded.
B. Pakistan and India were once one country, before western nations came to power. Look at them now.
C.If youtube had taken this off, think about it. this vid wouldn't be on your blog.
D. Chinese media is no less as bad as western. There is no western media influence in tibet now. They all got kicked out.
E.The CIA funded this cause there was an anti-communist operation. Why did they invade Vietnam?
F. Tibet receives 40 million... Michigan schools had a thirty million surplus. And michigan is hit the most by the recession.

There is nothing else i have to say, except become neutral.

9:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shame on China Propaganda!!

That's amazing how much energy china spent in order to discredit Tibet resistance and Dalai Lama.

First, start to have a real democracy and a press freedom and then China would give us some freedom advices!

3:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. What an awful lot of hate-mongering. This stuff resembles American based right-wing-kill-everyone stuff on places like which are "anti-terrorist" websites spewing hatred against and planning attacks on Iran for example. To claim here that Tibet was always part of China is denying the fact that, uh, shouldn't u be asking that from the people of the Tibet? It is as said, Quebec issue. You have people who want to get independent, they got their own culture, own language and need for independence. So they most of times pursue their happiness thru legal means. Like in Canada. Some times it wont bear any results, sometimes it does. Many times independence fighters turn to violence and then you have thigns like Spain and ETA.

Wake up and smell the roses! Why anyone would like to see some group of people feeling ill under your rule and not just let them go or give them autonomy. Here in my country there is such area. It is small set of islands that have their own member in our government, they do not pay taxes to the mainland, they do not speak same language. I could not care less if they declared independence. You would not see me out there shouting "You in Island, belong to us and always have belonged to us!"...

Peace out.

Drop the nationalistic propaganda. Ulta-nationalism is huge problem and cause of much loss of life, sadness and tears.

Remember that national borders are not REAL! They are lines drawn on maps. WHY DO YOU WANT TO INSIST VIOLENCE TO PROTECT AND KEEP LINES DRAWN ON PAPER MAPS!

mr. k

5:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All these are no more than communist propaganda. You filter facts for your political profit.
Forgery on Nazism and the Dalai-lama is best example.
Tibet is occupied country!

2:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First put aside your bias against China, you do not have the qualification to talk about China when you are prejudiced against China before you say something, obviously that is the prejudiced idea your western media have instilled into your mind. I think it is not Tibet that needs to be freed but you western people. maybe someday in the future let the Chinese people get rid of your hypocritical government and free you. Since you were born no matter you want or not you have been taught those values and ideas only fit for youe own country and against others. Naturally you do not question them. The same thing may goes with the Chinese people. So either we stop accusing each other anymore or we wage a war against each other until complete annihilation of one side. By the way you have no right to comment on others when your own country are commmiting terrible crimes against other countries. First stop your own country the maybe you are qualified to talk about Tibet.

6:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the hypocrisy anonymous guy before me. If you think your free, well, your Government is lying to you. Atleast we try to encourage Free Press. You guys don't even try. I am a patriot. And I question my country because i am.

7:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, your are patriot. The Tibetans are patriots of Tibet, their occupied country. The world don't believes the Chinese government because we hear no more than communist and nationalist propaganda instead of evidences!

12:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very great video clip!!Western politicians, Wanna split Tibet from China? Plz use force, not meida full of lies.

2:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have u guys ever imagine what would happen to the tibetans if they were the natives of North America or Australia? Dalai Lama and the tibetans should be grateful that they have been ruled by the Chinese and not the sanctimonious westerners.

4:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By Email[Tuesday, April 01, 2008 12:39]
Below is Shri J.M.Mukhi's presentation at the Symposium organised by "Federation of Human Rights organisations in India" at a conference hall in Supreme Court, New Delhi on March 28th.

The Right to Self-Determination of Tibet and International Responsibility

28th March, 2008


Thank you for the kind words and kind welcome.

In March 1947 when Prime Minister Nehru was caretaker Prime Minister of the Interim Government of India, before independence, the flag of Independent Tibet proudly fluttered in New Delhi at the Asian Relations Conference along with the flags of other independent countries.

Tibet has a history of independence over centuries. During World War II, in spite of pressures from President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, Tibet, like Switzerland, maintained its neutrality. China was at war with Japan and Germany, but Tibet was not.

In 1950 Communist China invaded Tibet. The Peoples’ Army, as it was called, came attacking, pillaging and burning the poor and defenceless people of Tibet. Tibet had hardly an army to defend itself. I was at that time 22 years old and a student at the London School of Economics. A Deputy Minister of External Affairs, I think Keskar was his name, came on a visit to London and to the London School of Economics. I asked him why India was supinely indifferent to the invasion of Tibet. His words were lofty:
“Our policy is based on an understanding of Chinese psychology”!
So Tibet’s independence was snuffed out.

Sadar Patel was dying. You should read his letter of deep anguish which he addressed to Prime Minister Nehru from his sick bed. It is dated 7.11.1950. He said:
“The tragedy it is that the Tibetans put faith in us; and we have been unable to get them out of Chinese malevolence… We had friendly Tibet which gave us no trouble…. As a result of the disappearance of Tibet China has expanded up to our gates ”.
And to our eternal shame, we, India, through the late C.S. Jha, I.C.S, told the Security Council not to discuss the invasion of Tibet. Tibet was struck off the Agenda of the Security Council, and of the General Assembly.

The world slept and snored.

Meanwhile, the miseries of the Tibetan people were immense.

It was in 1949 that Communist China laid its claim in its maps on vast tracts of the territory of its neighbors Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, India and Nepal. In fact the whole of Arunachal Pradesh, then NEFA, was shown as part of China. In spite of that we struggled to get recognition for Communist China in the United Nations and other fora ! We also launched the “Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai”, and in 1954 we gave recognition to China’s absorption of Tibet. All India Radio thenceforth referred to Tibet as the “Autonomous Region of China”!

But, then, China disputed the McMahon line.

At this time I was doing India’s case with Portugal at the International Court of Justice at The Hague. The late Shri M.C. Setalvad, then Attorney General of India, was the leader of our team. The hearing had ended and we were awaiting Judgment. (This was the Right of Passage Case - the Dadra, Nagar Haveli Case. The Judgment finally came in our favour in April 1960.) On Christmas day in 1959 the then Foreign Secretary called me and asked me to look at and advise on the boundary question with China.

What was this McMahon line ?

I found that India did not have a border with China. Right from Jammu and Kashmir to Assam, India’s border was with Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. In 1914 the natural and traditional boundary was delineated in a map and was confirmed by an Agreement between Sir Henry McMahon, on behalf of India, and by Lonchen Shatra, Prime Minister of Tibet, on behalf of Tibet. So I set down to study the status of Tibet. I looked at Encyclopaedia Britannica and various other books and chronicles. Indeed there is a vast literature. You should read the book by Michael van Walt, The Status of Tibet. And of course, the International Commission of Jurists at Geneva under the leadership of our very own Purshottam Trikamdas, Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court, Mahatma Gamdhi’s disciple, gave two Reports on the International Status of Tibet and the Genocide that had happened there.

Today we are not concerned with the status of Tibet, or the invasion of Tibet, or whether the World should strive for Tibetan Independence or
Tibetan Autonomy.

Today we are concerned with Genocide in Tibet, gross violations of basic human rights, the trampling of Tibetan expression of aspirations under a military jackboot, with China not responding with words of solace and comfort but with bullets and ruthless repression.

What should the World do ?

That there is Genocide of the Tibetan people there is no doubt. Genocide is defined as a murder of a people. You destroy their culture, their language, their religion, their traditions and values, their spirit. You indulge in demographic aggression, you introduce into their land hordes of outside population and you reduce them to an insignificant and powerless minority with a third class status in their own land. You destroy their monasteries, humiliate and torture the monks, you interfere in their worship, you try to destroy the soul of a people for whom prayer is life and life is prayer. You take away from them the freedom even to keep and venerate the picture of their spiritual leader. It is a criminal offence to keep the picture of His Holiness The Dalai Lama. It invites brutal punishment.

Can we imagine the plight of the Tibetan People ? It is not only mass scale torture and denial of equal rights, it is subjection to constant fear. How would you or I keep our sanity or life if we have to hide a picture of Guru Nanak, Shri Rama or Shri Krishana and even of Mahatma Gandhi ? How would you or I feel if whatever we hold as our sacred scriptures such as the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, the Bhagavad Gita, the Puranas were put in the dustbin, and our children were taken away from us and brought up on Chinese language and on Communism ?

China has brought into Tibet 7 ½ million Chinese of the Han race. Tibetans are only 6 million. About 1 ½ million Tibetans have perished as a result of Chinese actions. For some details of Genocide and violations of Human Rights I recommend that those of you who are able to surf on the internet should go to the website of the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy. The address is You will find the Death Toll. Prisoners. Beatings. Torture. Destruction of Monastries and Temples. Persecution of Monks and Nuns. Arrests Detentions. Abductions. Forcible abortions.

A few days ago, I put a question to the French Ambassador in India:
“France is the home of the idea, the notion, of Liberty.
How does France react to the Genocide in Tibet ?
Does France have any influence with China ? ”
He was good enough to say that France was talking to China.

Did you see a recent article in the Times of India by Jug Surya ? He said that out national bird is not the Peacock but the Chicken. He said that we are chicken-hearted, so it must be Chicken !

It is true that countries in Asia are paralyzed by fear of China. In the past China has attacked its neighbours including Vietnam, Thailand and Burma. It is true that China has sited long range, middle range, short range nuclear ballistic missiles on the Tibetan plateau aimed directly at major Indian cities. It is true that, if Western countries are not paralyzed by fear of China, they are overpowered by greed - greed for markets in China and trade with China.

But Europe has shown courage. The European Parliament has stood up for Tibet. Germany has shown courage, Chancellor Angela Merkel has made her position clear. President Sarkozy of France has also made his position clear. And the Speaker of the House of Representatives of United States, Nancy Pelosi has made her stand clear and has boldly and clearly condemned China’s treatment of Tibet and the Tibetan people.

It is not that we as a people do not believe in standing up for what is right. We have the examples of Shri Rama and Shri Krishna who came to the rescue of the oppressed ones. From our childhood we have heard so many stories of demons oppressing defenceless people and our gods and heroes coming to the rescue of the oppressed. We have the example of Mahatma Gandhi who stood up against the mighty British Empire with all its arms and weapons, its air force and warships.

What the World should do is to call on China to put an end to repression; to talk to the Tibetan people; to restore to the Tibetan people their inalienable rights.

What is it that the Chinese have not done ? The China have invaded the sanctity of large and famous monasteries including the Sera, Drepung, Gaden, and harangued and persecuted the monks and nuns. They have destroyed and closed down more than 4000 monasteries, nunneries and temples. They have arrested monks and nuns and subjected them to torture. There have been many many deaths in monasteries and nunneries; there have been punitive restrictions on religious practices. There has been a violent and repressive curtailment of freedom of expression so much so that the most peaceful protests have attracted severe punishment. Hundred and thousands have been sentenced to imprisonment without trial 10 years and above. Arrest and denial are the order of the day. Long list of torture and disappearance. Open discrimination has taken place in case of education and health services. There have been innumerable instances of enforced miscarriage and infanticide. Inhuman treatment of children including torture of children particularly child refugees. Over and above all of this has taken place a population transfer with parts of Tibet being depopulated and hordes of people from Chinese Han race being brought in. The documentation and statistics and the photographs are horrifying.

Does this not all merit investigation ?

The International Court of Justice in its Advisory Opinion in the Reservations to the Genocide Convention Case observed that:
“The principles underlying the Convention are the principles recognized by civilized Nations as binding upon States even without any conventional obligation.”
On 9.12.1948 the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted the Convention on the Prevention of the Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

Genocide comprises acts committed with intent to destroy in whole or part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group. The acts of destruction include mental harm. The definition is very wide. The parties to the Convention have the right to call upon the competent parties to the Convention to take appropriate measures both for prevention and suppression of Genocide. The International Court of Justice has jurisdiction with regard to disputes including pinning responsibility on the parties for acts of Genocide.

The United Nations Commission for Human Rights also plays an eminent part in the field of human rights and monitors the Covenants and Conventions relating to Human Rights.

The World need not ask for full independence of Tibet but the World is entitled to ask for full autonomy of Tibet and for the reversal of demographic aggression.

Of course, if China does not listen, the World has several options:
First and foremost, if China does not adhere to International Law and does not apply or respect the Rule of Law and Human Rights in respect to the Tibetan people, the World should declare China an outlaw and boycott China’s goods and trade.
Leading States can take up the investigation of Genocide in Tibet and find ways and means of raising the issue within the United Nations Charter and under the Conventions.
The Security Council or even the General Assembly can refer the question of Tibet for the Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice at The Hague and the means of restoration of status quo ante.
I am proud of my country and its people for having given comfort and hospitality to the Tibetan people who have taken refuge here. India has always opened its doors to people who have fled from tyranny. India has taken in its embrace Syrian Christians, and, of course the Parsis. For them there is no question of returning to their former lands. But all the Tibetans in India and indeed all Tibetans scattered all over the world, are keen on restoration of their freedom so that they can go back and be with their kith and kin whom they have left behind.

The Tibetans are sincere Buddhists. Innately they are peaceful and non-violent. His Holiness The Dalai Lama is wedded to non-violence and compassion, even for the adversary. He has pleaded with young hot heads not to give vent to their anger with violence. And certainly not to bear any ill-will towards Chinese brethren.

Indeed, it seems that for the Tibetan people the only course is prayer, and fasting, and rousing the conscience of the World.

It is for the World to do something.

In 1946, when I was student at Government Law College at Bombay, now Mumbai, I had attended a Prayer Meeting of Mahatma Gandhi by the sea near Malabar Hill. What he said seared into my soul. He said in Gujarati:
“Hari no marag chhe shurano Na kaam kayar jo”
The way to God is that of the brave. It is not the work of a coward.

I am a citizen of India, a citizen of the world, a human being. It is my right, and my duty, to speak out. An invasion in 1950, in spite of the United Nations Charter should not have been tolerated. In the 21st century, in an era of Globalization and Liberalization, the Rule of Law and sanctity of Human Rights, there is no room for colonialism of any kind whatsoever. There is no room for Genocide or violation of Human Rights.

I am free not only to speak out, I am free to pray. I am free to pray in the morning to Bajrang Bali for the emancipation of the Tibetan people. I am free to pray morning, noon and night.

I urge on you to think of Tibet and the Tibetan people and to pray for them as often as you can.

Jai Bajrang Bali

1:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Full of shit! native American should also get their land back and all outsider should leave! hahahah...that was just 300+ years ago... Anti-China people full of it. small minded little people. get lost!

10:51 AM  
Blogger rishikesh said...

I have posted a response to this ridiculous excuse for a video elsewhere. I will paste it below:

1) He is clearly reading from a may be written by him, but it certainly sounds like it's straight from the Chinese government, almost word for word with their usual rhetoric.

2) "As far back as the 13th century Tibet was included on the maps of the Middle Kingdom, the Yuan dynasty".
- The Yuan dynasty was a Mongol dynasty, not Chinese. It also included Mongolia, part of Burma, India and Russia. Does the PRC claim all of these areas too?

3) He uses the term "Lamaism". This is a foreign term not used in Tibet. See Denis Lopez' "Prisoners of Shangri La"

4) The Indian caste system did NOT transfer to Tibet as he suggests. It seems that he is speaking of a unique Tibetan class structure, which does not refer to the caste system at all.

5) "95% of the Tibetans were slaves or serfs".
- This comment is completely inaccurate. Serfdom, is a European term that was used to describe social structures in mediaeval Europe. It's transferal to 20th century Tibet is a great leap that must raise questions.
The description of the rights of the elite to trade "serfs" is a ridiculous claim. Unless I see some evidence, it's impossible for me to treat it with any respect.
Charles Bell: “Slaves were sometimes stolen, when small children, from their parents. Or the father and mother, being too poor to support their child, would sell it to a man, who paid them sho-ring, "price of mother's milk," brought up the child and kept it, or sold it, as a slave. These children come mostly from south-eastern Tibet and the territories of the wild tribes who dwell between Tibet and Assam. [Bell24]
This hardly seems to me like “95%” of the Tibetans. In any case, as Meltzer pointed out the obvious:
“Although the CCP cites slavery as a justification for liquidating the Dalai Lama's government, the practice was by no means confined to Tibet. It is estimated that in 1930 there were about 4 million child slaves in China proper.”
I have personally seen the slaves quarters in the palaces of Chinese warlords such as Liu Wenhui. This is a falacious argument to justify the invasion.

6) The catalogue of Chinese achievements is interesting and perfectly accurate, but it must be said, completely irrelevant to the issue of Tibet.

7) Western and Japanese imperialism was a tragedy...but no excuse for reverse imperialism imposed on Tibetans. Almost immediately after the Japanese were expelled, the PLA invaded Tibet and perpetrated the same indignities on Tibetans as the Chinese experienced at the hands of the Japanese. It seems no lessons were learnt.

8) "The many plots hatched by foreign interests to carve off a piece of Tibet"...please provide some evidence!

9) Again, the opium wars were tragic, but irrelevant to Tibet.

10) "This area had been part of China since ancient times".
- I presume he is talking of Arunachal Pradesh, a state of India, south of the Himalayas. China claimed this after invading Tibet and then invaded India in the 1960's. The Tibetan government in Lhasa barely ever had control of this region, let alone the Chinese, who had absolutely no political power in Tibet. It is a preposterous suggestion, that has about as much ground as saying Western Europe belongs to China because the Mongols once occupied it.

11) "This claim of independence was never recognised by China"...Who cares? Whether the ROC recognised the claim or not, it was made, and the Chinese troops were expelled from Tibet. Both Britain and Mongolia immediately recognised Tibet's independence and it went unchallenged until 1950.

12) “In 1959, backed by British interests, a revolt broke out in Tibet”.
- Again, a preposterous suggestion. As far as I’m aware there was not a single British citizen in Tibet at this time. It was a spontaneous uprising in response to a threat on the Dalai Lama’s life, as well as the unpopular land reforms that had taken place in eastern Tibet and had been promised for central Tibet.

13) “The famous Tibetan express”. Who decided to build the railway? Hu Jintao, Jiang Zemin?
Certainly not the Tibetans. When I was in Tibet I spoke to Tibetans in their native language about how they felt about the railway. They said they were afraid of the consequences ie. increased Chinese migration. It seems one of the obvious effects has been a massive increase in Chinese tourism, turning Lhasa into something of a museum, rather than the living, breathing city it once was.

14) The economic benefits are vastly overrated. Most of the central investment in Tibet has gone to funding the major infrastructure projects that you see here, ie. the highways and the railway.
Very little has gone to impoverished rural Tibetans who lack basic health care and education in their native language.

15) “Outside powers are again trying to embarrass and discredit China”
Which outside powers? How?
Criticism of the CCP does not equal embarrassment of China. I have not seen any evidence whatsoever to support this claim. However I am happy to be proven wrong with factual material.

16) “The Chinese are joyfully preparing for the Olympic games in peace and harmony”
Oh please, this is sickening. “Peace and harmony”? As we see tanks in the streets of Lhasa, hundreds killed and thousands imprisoned in the crackdown?
If this weren’t so tragic, it would be a joke.

17) “Don’t do to others what you do not want them to do to you”.
For example, oppress a people, restrict their political and religious expression and torture political prisoners?
I agree.

18) “Study history, not the media. The truth is not to be found in a TV broadcast”
Nor a YouTube video apparently.
I have studied the history Chris, and have found that you are nothing more than an apologist for an oppressive regime. History speaks for itself and this is fake history…in the tradition of Holocaust deniers and here in Australia those revisionists that claim that Australian Aboriginals were treated humanely. It is an abomination on the field of history for this film to claim any legitimacy. It is wrong on almost every point and should be exposed for its political motivation.

Finally, all the video used in this production is the product of the CCP during the 1950’s and 60’s, and at the end some more recent CCP material. Hardly an independent source. Also, the music used in the background is all either Chinese music, or Tibetan Sinicised pop music, mostly sung in Chinese, very unauthentic and it makes for an extremely crude production that would make most people cringe.

6:10 AM  
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