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Thursday, September 16, 2010

After US$10 Usless Brick, India's US$35 Tablet is a Copy of Chinese product

Indians and Indian government are always ambitious even their capability is low. Many readers may still remember India's US$10 computer project turned out to be a useless brick in early 2009. Indian government anounced to the world loudly that India designed a tablet of a price tag of US$35 in July 2010. The tablet news made the world astonish about India's innovation since the Union Minister for Human Resource Development of India showed the world a real thing.

But the bubble did not last long. Now the world know that India's US$35 tablet is actually HiVision's Speedpad, or a copy of it. HiVision is a Chinese company that displayed the Speedpad in CeBIT, 2010. The Hivision SpeedPad has a 7-inch 800 x 480 resolution LCD touchscreen, Samsung ARM11 800MHz processor, 2GB of storage, 256 DDR2 RAM and runs Android. It has WiFi b/g, external 3G, Bluetooth and GPS dongle connectivity and also features a 4200mAh battery good for 6 hours of use between charges. Other goodies include web browser, email, webcam and a few other choice applications. HiVison's Speedpad has a sale tag of less than US$100.

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