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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Uighur Terrorists: Western World Shot Their Own Feet Again

The arrests on July 8th, 2010 of three men in Norway and Germany accused of orchestrating a terrorist bomb plot seemed like another routine raid by a Western government in the continuing campaign against groups linked to Al Qaeda. But one detail stuck out: Norwegian officials said one of the men was a Chinese Uighur, and all three supposedly belonged to Turkestan Islamic Party that advocates separatism in western China.

Terrorism experts say the plot in Norway indicates that Al Qaeda and the few members of the Turkestan Islamic Party, or TIP, who trained in the tribal areas of Pakistan see some mutual benefit in cooperating. The use of relatively obscure ethnic Uighur recruits could allow Al Qaeda to penetrate more deeply into the West. (Source)

Even US declared Turkestan Islamic Party as one terrorist group, but the organization is considered as a tool to damage China, its members and organizations are still under protection in US and European countries.

Taliban is an old story that tells how western countries lifted a stone that would hit their own feet, Turkestan Islamic Party is just another one, but I guess it would not be the last one.

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