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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Innovative: India's TATA Nano can set fire on itself

TATA auto is one of India's top auto makers. When it released the super-mini, scooter-sized Nano "car" in 2009, Indians and some western media cheered for its "innovation" and bragged for its quality and claimed it would go to US and EU market soon.

Nano is far more than innovative in calling a big scooter a car. Beyound many's imagination, Nano can creatively sets fires on itself even when it is still brand new and parked on parking lot.

In the year of its release in 2009, three of the Nano "cars" were caught in flames. More important is that all while the cars were parked when the accidents happened. Tata Motors said that the three incidents were the result of a faulty switch placed near the steering wheel, but that those problems have been fixed.

Even TATA claimed it fixed problem, A brand new Tata Nano went up in flames only minutes after it was delivered to a customer again on March 22, 2010. Satish Sawant, an insurance broker, has become the latest in a growing string of Tata Nano customers to see his new car burning in flames at the roadside, 45 minutes after he bought his "car".

So far Tata had sold 26,000 Nano "cars", but 4 of them was caught in fire! That's really a high ratio

As a main auto maker and the biggest industrial conglomerate in India, TATA's quality is still so miserable. The lesson here is: Remember that India cannot make quality products. If you want to BBQ yourself, go to buy a Nano "car".

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Anonymous Nand Kumar said...

i guess that person has made some fitments on its own and this is how this entire thing happened
i own a nano and is running fine. am waiting to hear from Tatas on why this happened

10:47 PM  

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