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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Brutal Killings In Kashmir

When the world is paying attention to what was happening during Nov. 26-Nov. 30, 2008 in Mumbai where about a dozen of militants attacked the Indian financial center. People should open their eyes and put the incident in a larger background.

In India, Hindus kill Muslims, Hindus kill Christians, Muslims kill Hindus, Government kills people in Kashmir who want their freedom, Government kills Maoists who are struggling for their very basic living, government kills seperatists who want their own rights on their own land, ........ Two words can describe India precisely: Big chaos. Don't believe what I am saying, go to use google for yourself.

Here is a report about what is happening in Kashmir.

2261 women martyred, 22671 widowed, 9843 molested in IHK

Srinagar, November 25 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, 2261 women were among 92670 civilian martyred during the last 19 years due to the unabated acts of Indian state terrorism. Indian troops molested 9843 women during the period and the state terrorism rendered 22671 women widowed.

This has been revealed in a report issued today by the Research Section of Kashmir Media Service on the occasion of “International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women”. The report maintained that Kashmiri women have been one of the worst affectees of the harrowing conflict in the occupied territory since January 1989.

According to the report, Indian troops have been routinely involved in sexual harassment of Kashmiri women to suppress the ongoing liberation struggle. It further pointed out that although men have been subjected to the cases of disappearances largely, but women have been adversely affected because of being related to the disappeared persons as wives, daughters, mothers and sisters. The report stated that women constitute a considerable number of mental patients, which is well over one hundred thousand, due to the violence perpetrated by the troops.

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