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Friday, September 21, 2007

US Media Still Trying to Save Their Own Face After Mattel's Apology to China

Just in my previous post, Mattel openly aplogied to China for the damage caused by its own mistakes. It openly acknowledged that most of recent toy recalls were caused by its own design flaws. This late confession vastly differentiates with US media's unanimous blame on China companies' production quality and misleading their own readers.

Even before this simple and straight facts, US media are still trying to misleading their readers. For example, Newsweek just published Daniel Gross's artile on its web. They still stubbornly think Mattel's apologied because it must save face with China for business purpose. They don't blame themselves and Mattel for their own corrupt moral standard.

Newsweek and its writer Daniel Gross will never know how open this world is. US media cannot hide the truth and misleading readers now. Mattel is a dead company because its product quality and more important its moral standard. Newsweek is not very far.

Anyhow, they have to acknowledge that America can’t afford to offend or alienate China—not because it would suddenly stop selling goods to us, but because the U.S. economy has evolved in such a way that its health depends on China.

Congratuations, you can make some progress. Keep going! Thanks Newsweek to show their true face before the world and before the truth. This could be a very classic case in Journalists' class in colleges.

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