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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Joel Goebel relives: f.u.c.k.u.Germany

The following is a response to Chinese by a German comany that put "f.u.c.k.u.china" words on its logo. You could understand that why Joel Goebel was a German. Germans are really propaganda genius. I would take it for granted that Germans welcome all of us say "f.u.c.k.u.Germany" since stands for “the fascinating & urban collection: kiss you Germany”.

  Dear Sirs,

  Here some explanation concerning a logo we used for a special and limited T-shirt edition produced last season.

  On this specific T-shirt collection we had printed the letters f.u.c.k.u.china.

  The PHILIPP PLEIN Int. AG company would like to explain what lies behind this abbreviation and give the following statement:

  f.u.c.k.u.china stands for “the fascinating & urban collection: kiss you China ”.

  We would like to specify that we never intended to hurt or offend the citizens of China .

  On the contrary, with this collection we wanted to thank China because it gives us the possibility to produce some articles of our collection on a competitive price basis.

  In addition, the man craft we found in China is very precise and leads to a good quality of the clothes.

  This is a great satisfaction for us and for our end customers.

  We are a young and dynamic company and this is why we intituled this limited T-shirt edition “fascinating and urban” collection and “kiss” is a way to thank the Chinese savoir-faire.

  Since we have been pointed out that the message is not clear and leads to controversy, these T-shirts - that were already limited to start with (max. 100 T-shirts have been produced) - have been retired from the market.

  Once again, we are sincerely sorry if the abbreviation of the logo has been misinterpreted. We never wanted to offend anyone.

  Thank you for comprehension.

  Philipp Plein International AG

  Säntisstrasse 7

  8580 Amriswil

  Tel.: 0041-71-414-2550

  Fax: 0041-71-414-2560



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