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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What US Media's Report on Chinese Products can Prove?

Black pepper with salmonella from India. Crabmeat from Mexico that is too filthy to eat. Candy from Denmark that is mislabeled.

At a time when Chinese imports are under fire for being contaminated or defective, federal records suggest that China is not the only country that has problems with its exports.

In fact, federal inspectors have stopped more food shipments from India and Mexico in the last year than they have from China, an analysis of data maintained by the Food and Drug Administration shows.

China has had much-publicized problems with contaminated seafood — including a temporary ban late last month on imports of five species of farm-raised seafood from China — but federal inspectors refused produce from the Dominican Republic and candy from Denmark more often.

For instance, produce from the Dominican Republic was stopped 817 times last year, usually for containing traces of illegal pesticides. Candy from Denmark was impounded 520 times.

By comparison, Chinese seafood was stopped at the border 391 times during the last year.

This is a part from New York Times.

But the question is that why China is singled out by US government and its propaganda machines? The bombing by US media make everyone have a strong impression that China is the only place that low-quality products originate. The gust of US media on Chinese products in recent month only proves some views:
1. US is not a media free country. The voice of the media in US is controlled by some interest or political group or even government.
2. US media's reports do not reflect the fact of this world. They are often misleading.
If you understand the above two abvious points, you can understand why Americans are so stupid about what is going on on this world.

Thanks for US media bombing, a stupid US company event plans to label its products "China-free"

Are China's products really so dangerous? Other than the above report from NYT, another article appeared on ActionNews about the seafood from China. The director of the Mississippi Poison Control Center says Chinese catfish tainted with outlawed antibiotics pose no threat to those who eat it. A medical toxicologist who works as an emergency room physician at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, says a person would have to eat 220,000 pounds of the fish to get a full adult dose of the antibiotic. Do any American eat 220,000 pounds of fish in their life? It is impossible. The official claimed that the seafood from China is safe and he himself feed his family with the products from China.

It is for sure there are some low-quality products are from China. But low-quality products are from any conrner of this world. US is not problem-free. That why I said the company is stupid that plans to lable its products "China-free"?China supplies 70-80% of the toys in this world. Do the 80% of the toy recalls in US regard China products?

Some low-quality products from China can not blame China alone. Greedy American companies should take a lot of the responsiblities.

Many people know the outsourcing. Outsourcing does not only happens in IT industry, but also in manufacturing. Huge a lot of products from China are actually designed by US companies. They give the design and provide the material requirement or even provide materials.

Greedy American companies also push the product price to unreasonable low when they buy products from China. Every one know that you get what you pay. The unreasonable price can only force producers to make low quality products. I am pretty sure that many products in those supper-low price stores are pro-problems no matter they are made in China or not. We take wal-mart as an example: wal-mart pays Chinese companies US$20 billion each year and Chinese products account for 80% of its sales of more than US$300 billion. Simple calculation will tell you that Wal-mart makes $12 for every dollar it pays to China. Do you see the problem?

China is a country that can supply products from low-end textile or even some substandard to high-end electronics or even parts for commercial planes. But one thing is for sure that China can produce the same products at same quality at much lower cost. "China-free" does not mean "problem-free", but it surely means one thing: Unreasonably expensive.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Correction: July 28, 2007

An article in Business Day on July 12 reported that the Food and Drug Administration rejected shipments of food and other products to the United States from Denmark, India, Mexico and the Dominican Republic because they violated sanitary, safety or labeling standards. But many of the statistics were incorrect because of a flawed analysis by The Times of inspection records that were in an online F.D.A. database.

The mistakes included counting some violations more than once, and made the export problems of some countries — particularly Denmark — appear worse than they were. The errors were discovered after officials of the Danish Embassy questioned the statistics in the article, which also referred incorrectly to the Indian minister of commerce and misspelled the official’s given name. The minister, Banashri Harrison (not Banarshi) is a woman.

A corrective article and a corrected chart appear today.

6:49 AM  

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