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Monday, June 18, 2007

Chinese Go after Broadband when cell phone becoming hot in India

Some data from guardian's news:

According to the internet consultancy Point Topic, 298 million people had broadband at the end of March and that is already estimated to have shot over 300 million.

US leads the pack with more than 60 million subscribers.

China now has more than 56 million from 41 million users a year ago.

Japan ranked third, with 26.5 million broadband users at the end of March this year.

Germany is fourth at more than 16 million.

France takes the fifth spot with 15.3 million.

Penetration in China is 14.35% while in India penetration stands at just 1.15% of the country's estimated 200 million households.

Obviously, most of Indians can only afford US$25 cell phones, but not for more expensive personal computers for internet.

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