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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

UK's Times misleading Readers in Bird Flu Case in China

The artiecle titled "China admits concealing first human bird flu death"

For readers who don't read the article carefully, throughly will take it for granted that Chinese government covered up the case recently discovered by several Chinese scientists when they did re-examination of SARS death cases.

As stated in the article:
The man, identified only by his surname, Shi, was initially thought to have severe acute respiratory syndrome, but recent tests performed with the World Health Organisation (WHO) confirmed the cause as bird flu.

The article also said that Chinese government did not know this case until the doctors wrote the article about it.

So. how this can be titled" China admits concealing first human bird flu death"?

But this case does reveal something that Chinese government needs to take care of.

It is very possible that the case was misdiagnosed. SARS was new and there was no human bird flu reported in the world at that time. The first human bird flu case was reported in 2004 as stated in this article.

But when those scientists realiszed the 2003 case was actually bird flu when re-staudy the case recently. Did they reported the new findings to the government before they wrote the article for a international magazine? If they did not, they should be punished as they ignored their responsiblityas doctors. If they reported to the government, then some officials should take responsiblity.



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