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Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Mumbai Bombing Reveals India's Biggest Problem

The bombing in Mumbai is a sorrow and sad event but it is not isolated. It is one of the long-time struggles of Indian internal conflicts, and it reveals one of India's biggest problems: Disintegration of India.

Look back at Indian history, India was not a united country until British invasion. India today has hundreds languages, it is full of conflicts among different religions, different castes, different tribes and different cultures and even among the rich and poor. Generally India is divided even Hindus takes about 80% of India's population.

The conflicts between Hindus and Muslims has been there for a long history, which led to the creation of Pakistan and Bangladesh. But today, Muslims is still about 15%of India's population. There are still struggling for their equal rights and independence, especially Muslims in Kashmir. The terror attacks between Muslims and Hindus came from both sides. Here is the part of the long conflict list. In northern India, the World Hindu Council planned to build a temple in Ayodhyaon the ruins of a 16th-century Muslim mosque. The 1992 destruction of the mosque by Hindus sparked nationwide riots that killed 2,000 people. In 2002, hundreds Muslims died in Gujarat state because of Hindus/ looting, burning and killing (Source).

The conflicts among different castes exist in India too. The Indian government’s decision on university quotas for lower castes caused the protest from higher castes.

The deadly conflicts between government and people are rampant in India too.

It is hard to say who is main cause of the conflicts. But one thing is sure: Indians have a non-functioning government even it is called democracy one. Indian government does not only fail economically, but also politically. This government cannot lead Indian into a united country.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Muslim terrorists attach on US due to the failure of US foreign policies.

Muslim terrorists attach on India due to the failure of Indian's internal policies.

You can call them terrorists in India, but they are also the rebellions. Other than Muslim rebellions, there are others rebellions such as Maoists, Naxalites.

One real terrorist group in India is RSS.

Gnerally, there are toooooo many internal conflicts in India due to the failure of India gov. People there are attacking each other over there for religious, economical, political or caste reasons.

12:56 PM  

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