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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

F88 Wrist Watch Mobile Phone from CEC Corp

This could be "the first true cell-phone watch is about to break onto the market"

F88 is a wristwatch with built-in mobile phone capabilities. It features 26K colors CSTN display, a built-in 3 megapixel 180-degree rotating camera, a built-in microphone and speakerphone for conferencing, voice dialing, 4 minutes of voice recording, IrDA connectivity and organization tools such as schedule, alarm clock and reminder note. You can even play the pre-installed world cup games on the phone. The keypad number is located on the strap.

A wired earpiece is worn on the finger like a ring. To listen to the call, the ring is held up to the ear. However, a more conventional wireless infrared earphone or wired earpiece is also available.

CEC claims a talk time of up to 120 minutes and a stand-by time of up to 100 hours for the F88 with the 600mAh battery.

It measures 38.3 mm × 76.7 mm × 17 mm and weights 100grams with the battery.

CEC Corp built the GSM F88 wrist watch phone especially for Chinese ping pong player, Liu Guoliang. Perhaps due to his enormous popularity, the company has made the watch available to the market for 8,888 Yuan ($1,111).

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