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Friday, April 11, 2008

Chinese to boycott products of CNN's advertisers

Chinese to boycott products of CNN's advertisers

Waking up in the morning, CNN's advertisers might feel inscrutable that their products have already been on Chinese people's boycott lists.

Stunned and shocked by a racist and hatred remark on the Chinese people by CNN's commentator Jack Cafferty in "the Situation Room" aired on April 9th, the Chinese are fighting back by boycotting products of CNN's advertisers—those who are airing advertisements during Cafferty's show time.

Cafferty charged the Chinese people with a highly despicable assault by saying, "They (Chinese) are basically the same bunch goons and thugs they have been in the past fifty years." (

The new campaign against CNN is just an escalated version of the "tit for tat" campaign in response to Cafferty's previous insult and CNN's recent coverage on the Olympic relay in Paris, London and San Francisco, which is overwhelmingly condemned by the Chinese community as ungrounded and defamatory.

The appeal, circulated on the internet and bulletin boards, indicates that a strong patriotic reaction among the Chinese people has been ignited. This time around, CNN is the target.

The more advertising bucks are poured here on CNN, the worse marketing will be expected there in China: The counter productive results the advertisers are afraid of. In recent years, most of the Fortune 500 companies have made targeted advertisement campaigns in China, a country with more than 1.3 billion potential customers.

The boycott statement urged CNN’s advertisers to understand Chinese people’s feelings against Cafferty’s comments while it did mention that the campaign doesn’t target any companies who are sponsoring other CNN programs, “at this point we Chinese consider it (Cafferty’s comments) unacceptable for advertisers to air their ads on Cafferty's show time”.

Till now, no apology has been heard from Mr. Jack Cafferty. CNN has neither made any clear
statements nor taken any actions since. Many have wondered how the media will handle the new controversy exactly a year after Don Imus was fired due to his racist comments on the Rutgers female basketball team.

Earlier this week, Coca Cola withdrew one of its advertisements in Germany that stirred the ire of many Chinese people who criticized the intention of pro-Tibet-Independence and urged the public to boycott the brand.

The poster - spotted in a German railway station - shows Buddhist monks on a rollercoaster with the slogan: "Make it real".

A spokesperson from Coca Cola stated on April 9th, " This was certainly not our intention ... The old image was being used in the window of a shop in Bremen and has since been taken down ..."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my my my. Can you believe those Western media. For CNN to tacitly endorse such derogatory remark on China reveals the deeply ingrained bias and anti-China sentiments in the West in general.

11:36 AM  

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