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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More Than 2 million Kids Under 5 Died in India Last Year Only

Even Indian government and news medias often brag that or "India is the third largeat economy" and often connect India with "superpower". India's human development is worse than many African countries in many factors.

A new report by the U.N. Children's Fund or UNICEF, reveals that India accounted for more than two million of the 9.7 million children who died in the world before their fifth birthday last year. In other words, one-fifth of the worldwide deaths of children under the age of five occur in the populous South Asian country.

Victor Aguayo at UNICEF in New Delhi says it is now recognized that malnutrition levels in India are "unacceptably high."

The U.N. says India also has the largest pool of children who have never been immunized - about 9.5 million. These children are more vulnerable to diseases such as measles and diphtheria. (Source)

According to the World Factbook published by CIA, India's birth rate is about 2.2%. Simple calculation tells that about 10% of Indian newborns will die before they are 5 years old. That's human disaster.

Details in the report highlighting some stark realities. On the ‘human poverty’ rank devised for 108 developing countries, India ranks 62nd; even Kenya is better than us, at 60th place! This data is for 2004. In the category ‘children underweight for age 0-5’, our rank is 132nd, and India’s adult illiteracy rate is put at 39 per cent. Compare this with the adult illiteracy rate in Rwanda (35.1 per cent) and Malawi (35.9 per cent).

To those who love to talk about a “young India” against an “ageing China” and boast of how over 50 per cent of our population is below 25 years, the data from the CII/WEF study are thought-provoking.

Regular employment represents only 15 per cent of total employment in India, and employment in firms with more than 10 employees - only 4 per cent of total employment. This is the reality of Indian economy. (Source)

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