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Thursday, May 31, 2007

India cops arrest 4,000 Christian marchers

DELHI, India May 29 -- Police arrested more than 4,000 protestors who were engaged in a peaceful march through the streets of India's capital Tuesday to call for the government to end violence against Christians. The rally, called "Stop Violence On Christians," was organized after two recently televised attacks on Christians and an increase of anti-Christian incidents in 2007, AsiaNews reported Tuesday.

The station house police chief confirmed he had "arrested" approximately 4,000 people at 1:05 pm and released them an hour later.

"This was the first time since November 1997 that such large numbers of Christians have been arrested in the Parliament Street Police Station. It was incredible to see Catholic nuns, Protestant pastors, civil society activists and more singing Christian songs of liberation within the police station," said John Dayal, Secretary General, All India Christian Council, and President, All India Catholic Union.

Organizers expected 2,000 people, but attendance was estimated at 5,000. Speakers demanded human dignity and constitutional rights for the Christian community and other repressed minorities, who face harassment from Hindu fundamentalists and, in many cases, local government officials.

The news came from here.

I post this just want to show that China and India, or generally most of Asia don't welcome Christians in religion. The business and travels are still wecomed.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there any link between the post and your stupid analysis????

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This shows the true face of "democratic" India and their "freedom of religion".

For your information, Chinese government tolerates Christianity, except Catholicism.

3:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dalai Lamas were Tibetan historical leaders. Maoists never.
Statements about aristocracy etc. are stupid: the Tibetans must decide about their regime but not foreigners, including the Chinese!
The government in exile received money from the CIA? But how much Mao received from Stalin for his revolution and occupation of Tibet?
Budget of the government in exile... But how much money Chinese government spends for administration? For propaganda? For overseas dispersion of the Maoism etc.?
Nepotism is bad? But communism penetrating the whole life is better?
Dalai Lama wrote himself that sometimes it is not prohibited to eat meat.
Let's compare all points from this paper with relevant points for the Chinese communist leaders!

12:29 PM  

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