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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

China firm wins patent on malaria vaccine

SHANGHAI April 24 (UPI) -- Chinese firm SinoBiomed said Tuesday it has been granted a U.S. patent for its malaria vaccine PfCP2.9.

The newly issued patent covers a fusion protein comprising the Plasmodium merozoite surface protein-1 and the Plasmodium apical membrane antigen 1, the encoding DNA sequence, the vector containing the sequence and the host cell containing the vector.

The patent also covers the method for preparing the fusion protein and the usage for producing anti-malarial vaccine.

The patent has been assigned to the Second Military Medical University in Shanghai for the preparation and dosage of the plasmodium fusion antigen, SinoBiomed said.

"The granting of this U.S. patent enables SinoBiomed to proceed with the vaccine development with full confidence in its potential for commercial development for the global market," said SinoBiomed President and CEO Banjun Yang. "The potential benefits to humanity as well as to SinoBiomed shareholders are significant."

The company said it has exclusive rights to develop, manufacture and sell the vaccine through its 82-percent owned subsidiary, Shanghai Wanxing Bio-pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd.


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