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Friday, April 13, 2007

Tourism Industry In China and India

The city of Shanghai alone boasts of 1,35,000 rooms against a mere 1,05,000 rooms in the entire India. A country smaller than the size of Delhi, Singapore, has nearly half of India's total room capacity with figures standing at 48,000.

China also leads India in infrastructure development with 316 hotel projects in pipeline, almost double of India which has 161 on-going projects.

Similarly, the room capacity target of China stands at 1,07,725 which is more than six times of India's 16,734.

Comparing India with rival tourist destinations China and Singapore in terms of tourist arrivals, the study noted that Singapore, despite its tiny size, gets twice the number of tourists and China gets more than 10 times.

Against India's tourist arrivals figure of 4.3 million last year, China received as many as 46.80 million tourists and Singapore got 3.92 million, close to what the whole of India got in 2005.

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