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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oscar Winner "The Departed" is Just a Remaking of Hong Kong Movies "Infernal Affairs"

The mob saga "The Departed" won Best Picture at the Academy Awards this year. But Hong Kong movie maker has different words. (Source)

Alan Mak, co-writer and co-director of the 2002 Hong Kong movie Infernal Affairs, said he was "disappointed" when he saw The Departed after Warner Brothers bought the remake rights to the film for 1.75 million US dollars in 2003, the Post reported.

The Hollywood version had "not gone far enough" in offering a different version from the original, Mak said. "It stuck so close to the original it looked like they are just making Infernal Affairs again," he told the newspaper.

"Somewhere along the way I heard they wanted to position The Departed as a film that was only inspired by our story, rather than an adaptation ... I would have hoped some new elements were being introduced to it."

However, he added: "I'm happy of course because it is like Infernal Affairs winning an Oscar."



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