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Monday, February 19, 2007

Chinese respect both Chairman Mao and Deng Xiaoping as great leaders

Today's China is different than what China was in Chairman Mao's era. But Chinese remember him as one of the great leaders who laied down the solid foundation for China's development, and achived national security Chinese had been struggling for more than 100 years after the Opium war.

Before the reform, China had a complete industrial system. In 1978, China made almost 40 million tons of iron & steel (Almost what India produced last year), China could make tanks, fighters, SSNs (India has it on papers), n-bombs, H-bombs, recoverable satellite (India made it recently).... All of these were and are the guarantees of today's national security.

In 1978, China produced similar amount of grains as what India can do today. But China has less arable and and had much less population back then. China's research success on the hybrid-rice in 1974 pushes China's rice production to higher point now. China constructed majority part of the agricultural irrigation system that serves China very well currently. China built similar length of railways in the two 30 years before and after the reform. China's literate rated was more than 80% before the reform, better than India is. Chinese lifespan expectancy was increased from 35 to 68.

It was Chairman Mao and his colleagues who worked hard to improve the relationships with outside. US President Nixon's vist to China is a milestone in Sino-US diplomatic history.

Chaiman Mao was a great leader who could correct his own mistakes. That's why China stopped the Great Leap in 3 years and stopped chaoes of cultural revolution in 3 years. China actually shifted emphasis to economical development after 1970.
China's average economical growth rate was more than 7% during 1949-1978. China achived such a feat even China had to put a lot of resources into the building of the national security.

When Chairman Mao died, China had the national security. That's why Deng Xiaoping could do more in improving people's living standard. China's success in the 30 years after the reform is well known by all the people.

Chairman Mao died 30 years ago. But he is still remembered by Chinese as the founder and a great leader of the new China even his enemies use all the possible propaganda machinese to denounce him. millions of Chinese go to Shaoshan, a small village, nestled in the pine-dotted hills of Hunan Province, and memorial halls or museums all around the country to show their respect to the great man. This was what happened last year for 30th Anniversary of Chairman Mao's Death.

This year, it is the 10th Anniversary of Chairman Mao's Death. More than 33,000 Internet users in China have sent virtual flowers to an online memorial for leader Deng Xiaoping, who died 10 years ago Monday. (source)

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