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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It's official: China is India's security threat

According to the AsiaTimes report, India has put China in its short blacklist of countries whose investment in India that India government thinks a sensitive for India's national security.

New Delhi has long been wary of allowing Chinese to invest in sensitive sectors, such as ports and telecommunications, but the new edict will extend security reviews to all sectors, including such innocuous sectors as household appliances. For the firsttime China will be officially labeled a "security risk".

Although the two countries have settled many of their differences in the ensuing four decades, the paranoia about China as a security threat seems to be increasing daily in India. For instance, India now feels, said one recent report, that investments from not only China but those from Hong Kong and Macau should also be screened. Besides, investments from North Korea, Taiwan and Afghanistan, too, are being included in the sensitive list. The current FDI norms just categorize Bangladesh and Pakistan as "security risk" countries.

Pakistan , Bangladesh , China...., India looks like have no friends around. It is really a lonely poor country under the leadership of a ridiculous government.

China also has some potential enemies for historical and geopolitical reasons and some countries also treat China in the same way. But in China, business is always business. Confident China never has the similar business policy to deal with other countries in the peace time. China treats foreign investment and business equally no matter which country they come from.

The reasons why India government does this:
1. Insecurity before the stronger China
2. Inferior complexity of India before China
3. The strong memory of their defeat of Sino-India war in 1962
4. No deplomatic ability of India government.

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