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Friday, October 06, 2006

China aims for 30 pc increase in "super wheat" output by 2020

China is doing pretty well in applying biotech in agriculture.

We had hybrid rice since 1974 and now China's "super rice" technology is expanding worldwide. United Nations is helping Yuan Longping, the "Father of hybrid rice of the world", to extend his tech to other countries.

Controversial Gene modification technology is also used in agriculture in China. such as BT-cotton.

Only with the successful development and implementation of those innovative technologies, China can feed 20% of the world polulation by 8% of world arable land. That's also why China can produce more than twice grains than India in less arable land.


Beijing, Oct 6. (PTI): China will develop 50 new breeds of "super wheat" in the next 15 years, raising the output capacity in major wheat production areas by 30 per cent, the state media reported.

According to the target set at a recent national seminar on super wheat breeding, the planting areas of the new breeds of super wheat will be about 33.3 million hectares during the 15-year period, and the expected unit output will be 10,500-12,000 kilograms per hectare.

President of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Zhai Huqu said super wheat refers to high quality and high yielding breeds of wheat.

Currently, China's super wheat breeds are still restricted in small areas because of poor adaptability and high input.

He said the super wheat project will significantly promote China's food safety. So far, related scientific research institutes have had necessary reserves of materials, technologies and methods, and a joint effort by different research teams will help raise China's innovative capacity in wheat breeding, he said

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