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Saturday, May 20, 2006

100,000 S Koreans In Beijing Alone

I happened to read this news about S Korean communities in Beijing, about their integration and conflicts with local residents and culture.

There are two big S Korean communities in Beijing. One is in Wangjing area, a big residential area and a satellite city of Beijing, another one is in Haidian District.

There are about 60,000 S Koreans in Wangjing.

S Krean Kids Are Playing in Wangjing Residential Area (Left).

The immigration of S Koreans started in 1992 when China and S Korea kicked off their deplomatic relationship. At very beginning, S Koreans thought China should be a horrible, poor place since the impact of the S Korea propaganda. They were even terrified when they saw Chinese national flags in the first time.

In the Asian Crisis in 1997, S Korea's economy was in trouble but China kept the stable. S Koreans begun to feel China's charm.

Both Chinese and S Koreans share the same culture. It's not difficult for S Koreans to adapt to China. Stable and strong economical growth, a lot of opportunities, affordable living lure more and more S Koreans to Beijing.

A S Korean Church Event in Wangjing to Show the Respect to Old Persons.

Among the S Koreans in Beijing, about 20,000 are international students, 20,000 have their own business in Beijing and about 10,000 are sent by S Korean companies. Others are the kids or relatives of those people.

It is also reported that there are another 100,000 S Koreans in Qingdao, another large city in Shandong province too.

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