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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Canada Government to Deport Chinese Fugitive

Lai Changxing (赖昌星) is a Chinese businessman who is called "China's most wanted fugitive".

His family fled to Canada in 1999. China accuses him of smuggling, tax evasion and bribery and seeks his deportation.

14 others involved in the complex racket in China have been executed, China promised Canada that Lai would not be executed if extradited.

As reported by

Lai Changxing was arrested by Canadian Border Services Agency officers on Tuesday after a final review known as a pre-removal assessment concluded he would not be in danger if deported to China.

The Chinese government has accused Lai of heading a $10-billion US smuggling operation in the southeastern city of Xiamen and of corrupting local officials. Lai claims he was a successful businessman targeted after making political enemies.

This could be a big success for Chinese governemnet's efforts on crackdown the corruption that Chinese complain alot. Many Chinese believe that western countries, such as America, Cananda, are the paradise for the corrupted Chinese officials and businessmens simply due to the political reasons. Lai's deportation will be a serious deterrence to those economic criminals.

This deportation will be welcomed by most of Chinese.

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