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Friday, March 16, 2007

Rebellion Killing and Police Killing In India

Several days ago, I posted a news about the extra-judicial Killings in India. But acturally more of these kind of sad news coming out.

When Indians compare China and India, many of them will say that India has democracy and freedom and India is more politically stable. Read the following news and draw a picture of real thing, not fantacy.

Suspected Maoist rebels stormed a police post in the heavily forested center of India early Thursday morning (03/15/2007), killing nearly 50 officers (some say 54) and their recruits from a village militia. The attack was one of the biggest since the resurrection of armed leftist rebellion in the last several years.

According to the government, Maoist rebels are present in pockets of nearly half of India’s 28 states. They are largely entrenched in the forest belt, which is rich in natural resources like timber and iron ore but home to some of the poorest communities of indigenous people. Nearly 900 people were killed in the Maoist conflict in 2005, according to the most recent available official government statistics.
Source: New York Times

This case is another one after 15 police officers were killed by rebels on 02/24/2007, less than a month ago. The suspected rebels ambushed their patrol in India's remote northeast. Source: Boston Blobe.

India is also learning from China in setting up the special economical zones to promote its industry that is far far away lag behind China. Indians often talk that India has a good law system and people's rights are protected by the law. Is that true? Here is talking about 12 (some say 14) peasants were killed by police on 03/14/2007.

Farmers in eastern India angered by government plans to build an industrial park on their land fought police with rocks, machetes and pickaxes Wednesday, and at least 12 people were killed, officials said.

All those killed Wednesday were farmers, bringing the death toll in Nandigram since violence first erupted there to 19, said Amit Kiran Deb, a senior government official.

He added that 39 people were wounded, including 14 police officers. Vohra said the death toll was likely to rise because many of the injured were in critical condition.
Source: Boston Globe

The fightings for the property rights are not rare in India. Here is an incomplete list of police killings happend in the first half of 2006.

Apart from the fightings for their political and property rights. Ethinical conflicts and independent movements also cause tolls.

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