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Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Anger Comes from Dalit in India

The deep-rooted conflicts between Musilim and Hindus in India are well known to the world. The religious conflicts caused a lot of violence, such as bombing (See the report), fighting and costed India thousands of lives (See the report).

This time the conflict did not have aanything with religion. It was caused by another great divide in India, the gap among the castes. The incident was triggered by the vandalisation of an Ambedkar statue. The Dalit emotions in the state have been simmering after a Dalit family was brutally killed in Khairlanji in September.
The dalit protests spreaded accross the cities in Maharashtra and in Mumbai. Two trains were set on fire and cities were paralysed. The more detail of this incident can be reached at here.

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