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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Indians' Fantasy World

India does make some progress economically in recent years. And it is hot for Indians to compare India with China. Very often India goverment and medias don't tell its people or readers the truth for some patriotic reasons.

Here is a typical report from Indian media. The titile is: "India has overtaken China in textile exports: Vaghela"

Is that claim true? Not at all.

From this report, China's textile export volume is expected to hit 116 billion US dollars in 2005 despite increasing trade disputes. That represents a 19.21 percent jump over 2004.

This is an Indian report, India exported only $17 billion in 2005-06 fisical year, and plans to export $19.7 billion this year.

What dose that mean? India's textile export is only 1/10 of that of China. That's a huge gap and no one can ignore.

Another similar Indian news titiled: "India world No. 2 hotels mkt".

Can India be the second hotel market in the WORLD? It is impossible. Many countries have larger tourist industry than India.

News should reflect the truth, not distort the truth.

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